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- Features & Benefits -

Starting a Bubuti Act is an easy new way to help charity on the Internet. Our FREE application lets you use your blog, web site or social outlet to instantly collect donations for any charity in the US. Use Bubuti to go beyond raising awareness and create action in support of the causes that inspire you. This is called starting a "Bubuti Act".

Your work is inspired by real world issues that have correlating charities that need your help. With Bubuti, a mom's moving blog post about an orphan in Aleppo, can instantly generate donations for a charity working to help those very orphans. A musician can highlight a different local charity each week on his blog, and offer exclusive songs as a free reward for fans that donate. A company can tell the stories about their products and actually generate support for the causes that work to decrease their impact.

Bubuti is a powerful Third Option; Sell your work where you can, offer it for free where it makes sense, Bubuti it to give back.

Set a few preferences, tell a quick story about why the charity matters to you, and launch your Bubuti Act. We handle the rest. Thanks to non-profit partners Network For Good and GuideStar, our donation engine lets your fans make informed, low fee, high security donations. We also help them budget, plan and track their online donations.

We make it easier for people to help charity. We don't make money off of donations.

There is no fee to start an act

We want Influential People to try Bubuti, create as many Acts as you can and see what you think. And BTW, if you write music, create films or videos, tell stories, share ideas and information, in short, if you have an audience YOU are an Influential Person. Bubuti is made for YOU. We Make it Easier for YOU to Help Charity.

For every act we:

  • Promote your Act on Bubuti.com, the central voice for content exchange for charity on the Internet
  • Provide your chosen charity with everything they need to help promote your Act too
  • Manage all the financial transactions and distributions
  • Let you see who donated and other valuable analytics

You get:

  • Instant emergency aid response
  • Flexibility in exactly how you decide to help charity
  • Marketing help from TWO new powerful resources
  • New exposure and audiences
  • Recognized service providers who respect that your fans are yours, not ours
  • An authentic way to connect with fans socially

Hosting Services who partner with Bubuti get:

  • Free integration
  • Recognized service providers who respect that your customers are yours, not ours
  • Technical and human resources
  • Constant improvement based on what works
  • Exposure to new customers and fans
  • Marketing support and analytics

Consumers will look for Bubuti Acts as their preferred way to give because:

  • We help plan and track their online giving
  • Their donation is safe and easy on a trusted platform
  • Their donation goes the farthest with the lowest possible fees
  • They can research and assess charities
  • They have flexibility in how when and where they give
  • This is a unique connection to the people they trust and admire
Bubuti lets The Right People ask The Right Way at The Right Time

- The Company -

Bubuti is made up of people at the top of their careers with deep backgrounds in web-start up, non-profit fundraising and management, the music industry and finance. We started in 2011 and are based in Charlottesville VA. Our mission is to change what people expect to happen when they exchange content on the Internet. We want to make it easy for people to help charity and condition the market to give preference to companies, brands and content that come with the gift of social benefit. The Internet is currently only good at raising awareness about causes. Getting donations to happen is part art, part science and part technology. That is exactly what our team brings together at Bubuti.

Charities are being left behind the Internet's growth because it is too hard for people to help. Our first two years of business revealed a Nation of people eager to help and a mountain of red tape prohibiting them. Since all of our art, music and information is in some way inspired by real world situations and conditions, why stop at raising awareness? Bubuti is dedicated to making awareness = action. We do it with our applications that integrate into the services people use everyday and we do it with Bubuti.com, the central voice for content exchange for charity on the Internet.

Yes, we have personalities, hobbies and humor. There's so much to know about our people and why they are great. But most every day you will find these people with heads down, together or back, thinking, designing and creating. I doubt we ever have a scooter in the office or a cafe or a climbing wall. Not that we don't like those things. But the point for us all getting together when we do is to make it easy for people to help charity. The people who write the music and films and stories that inspire and enlighten us have the power to change the world if we can just make it easier for them, and it's our job to make Bubuti the very best way to help charity on the Internet.

The Team

Whit Faulconer

Determined to help people and launch new ideas as a way of life, Whit has worked in the outdoor apparel, music and sustainability industries. All the while he nurtured plans to create a company that defines the connection between The Internet and charity. He earned a Masters Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from The University of Virginia and has worked in executive positions for leadership non-profit organizations. He headed projects that built on-line sustainable design tools for GreenBlue, and most recently specialized in material and product assessment as a Director for The US Green Building Council.

Trevor Gibson

Trevor has served as a CFO, board member and advisor for several start-up, growth phase companies in investment banking & research, transformational technologies, chain restaurant development, e-commerce and retail. Additionally, He is the CEO of Castle Hill Cider, a Virginia based cidery with distribution from Pennsylvania to Florida. Prior, he was the CFO for Kluge Holdings and Harmonic Research. Trevor began his career with Smith Barney and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Richmond.

Todd Wickersty

After earning valuable experience with Accenture and AOL in the late 90s and early 2000s, Todd Wickersty served as a director for Musictoday during a substantial growth period from 2001-2005. In 2005, Todd founded Business Bullpen, a web design and development firm in Charlottesville, VA. Todd received a MBA and B.A. in Communications from Virginia Tech.

Graham Blevins

Graham's professional experience is rooted in technology startups, recently as Co-founder of web development shop Storyware and previously as a programmer analyst for data management startup Data Blueprint. Graham holds degrees in Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University and Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech.

- The Name -

Bubuti is the name of a social code on the Central Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati. It's a novel solution for maintaining equality and care that allows any citizen to ask or "bubuti" their neighbor for help, and under the code the answer must always be yes. It's simple, reciprocal and based on trust. It's an apt name for our service and our objectives as a company.

- Contact Us -

Let us know if you want to offer Bubuti to your customers, or if you have any questions at all.